What programming language to create extensions?

please advise me if I want to make a simple extension in the form of a timeline that starts counting when it receives the “Turn On” command (can you transfer this command to the extension from a third-party project only with EBS?
What type of integration integration should I choose in this case?
The panel may look like this:

In addition to learning html (do you need html 5 or regular?) And css (also need to study css 3 or regular?), What language is best for a beginner to learn to implement this? Python or Javascript?

Well the front end has to be javascript. As it’s a website, so HTML/JS/CSS
Generally speaking we all use the “5” flavor but theres not “much” difference half the time.

EBS/backend services can be any language you want as you host those yourself.

In theory no, you could use the config service to store the “turn on/off” status, and the broadcaster can have a button on the config or live config buttons to send this command and the data stored in the config service and relayed over Extension PubSub

Whatever you want, your demo image looks like a video overlay. (Please note this only work on streams that are not offline, unlike you image)

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