What technology for webcam direct to stream

Hi. Im not sure if that is possible. I want to give friends an secret url so that their mobile phone is capture video and sound and want to stream it directly into my stream. Is there a way to “merge” my obs with other videos. Similar to an overlay? But i dont want to use overlay in my obs. The should participate the stream directly. Is there something which twitch offers?

There is for example also an tool called streamyard, where people can do this, but they dont use obs. So you cant do much with the design, because they have one design and stream it without obs to twitch. I want to do it a bit different and invite people while i stream and then have an area in my streamscreen (for example at the bottom), where the peoples videos are faded in when they are connected…

Does anybody have an idea? thx

This is the third party developers forum, such a question is better suited to the Twitch Reddit. Rather than this forum.

Theres nothing I know off hand that’ll do that, most people use another tool such as Zoom or Skype, or other Team Meeting program with mobile to “call in” and capture that

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Basically what @BarryCarlyon said… They have to stream to you, since you are providing the feed to twitch. You need to add it into your feed. Twitch does not currently support multiple input sources.

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