What to do since Justin.TV API was killed

I’ve been working on code for a node.js bot of mine and a corresponding PHP web site. The problem being is that it was using API calls to the Justin.TV API to obtain the stream up time information and whether the stream was online or offline. Is there a way to do both of these things with the Twitch.TV API that I just have not come across yet?

I was using from the Justin.TV the up_time parameter to get stream up time information and to gather the online/offline information I was using the stream_type and checking if it said ‘live’ or not.

I appreciate any direction someone could point me in.

To see if a stream is up, you visit https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams/CHANNEL and see if the stream property is null or not.

The stream start time is not exposed anywhere in kraken right now, but we’re working on adding it