What websites does chat embed work on?

I have tried to embed the chat using the iframe code on 4 different website builders (godaddy, wix, wordpress, and webstarter) and the chat box appears blank every time. What websites will it work for?

Should work for all of them

Assuming you are following the documentation at

To embed chat

Hmm that is what I thought, too. Any suggestions? The video player embed works fine. Just the chat is a blank gray box no matter which channel I try. I am basically copying as pasting the code and altering the channel name.

Please paste the code you are using. Don’t recopy from the docs. Copy from your editor

Thanks for the response.

To clarify: As in paste it to the forums so I can check what you are doing.

<iframe frameborder="0"

with </iframe> at the end. Must have got cut off

Your code is correct

tested it at


If it’s not working for you, check the console for any errors. but this is a straight forward html iframe so there shouldn’t be any issues, even if loading the main page over http instead of https.

The use of a website builder shouldn’t make any difference. But wix I know can be fiddly at times. They might have a specific guide for using iframes.

Ah I was afraid of that answer haha. Maybe it has to do with my browser (chrome) settings or something. Thought it would work for me on WordPress but it is the same gray box no matter what site. Thanks for helping out though.

If you have a public facing page for it post that and I/we can take a look


Looks like “godaddysites” is doing something weird

It’s wrapping your iframe in it’s own iframe with additional rules that block the Twitch iFrame from working as expected

Not good news haha. At least I know it’s not my browser if it looked blank to you as well. Thanks

Update: talked with GoDaddy and they told me the code does not work with their website as the Twitch chat code is not compatible with their website

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