What would the parameters be? 'broadcaster_id' and 'moderator_id'?

I’m trying to perform a query to get data from users who are in the chats of the channels that are live at 10am. For that, I’m using:

I would like to better understand the broadcaster_id and moderator_id parameters. I thought ‘broadcaster_id’ would be the id (or even user_id) we get from

And ‘moderator_id’ was my token.I realized that I was wrong and would like to better understand the parameters and how to get them.

Also, is there any other way to get user data present in live chats?

The broadcaster_id is the userID of the channel you want to look at
The moderator_id is the userID of the moderator in the oAuth token you are using.

Username/login to ID lookup can be done via the Get Users Endpoint
Or you can use the token with get users with no params to return the user for that token.

So if I want to get the chantters in cohhcarnage, using my token

broadcaster_id = 26610234
moderator_id = 15185913

using my token

Thank you very much for your answer.

I have another question, in this case, I will only be able to obtain the data if I am the moderator of the chat in question, right?!

Isn’t there another way to get chat data even if you’re not a moderator?


No. Get Chatters API endpoint requires the calling usertoken belongs to a moderator of the channel.

This prevents hate raid/stalking and similar things

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