Whats the best way to get a streamer's emoteset?

Assuming I make an initial call checking to see if a streamer is partnered and have access to all other information, what’s the best route to take to get their emoteset or emoteset number?


You could look at using https://twitchemotes.com/apidocs. They have an endpoint (https://twitchemotes.com/api_cache/v3/sets.json) that will map every channel for you. You will notice that some channels have more than one emote set.

Appreciated! I’ve looked into their api but was hoping twitch may have a supported method to do something similar…

I’ll use twitchemotes for now. Thanks!

An unsupported Twitch API for the channel’s product can give you the emote set:


Just look for in plans for the object with the most items in emoticon_set_ids. plans are all of the tiers for the channel and only the third tier will have all emote sets.



As i can see this is API v3, any chance to get it working with v5?

It’s not part of Kraken so the versioning won’t matter. This endpoint isn’t meant for 3rd party devs. You’ll just have to resolve the name from an ID.

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