Whats the Secret

hello guys!

i been wondering how to stream in a good quality using OBS.
i started streaming like 3 days ago, before that i was not able to stream cuz i had basic internet with really bad upload like 800kb

but now that i upgraded my internet up to 3mb i figured now i could stream the thing is
all my VOD’s are lifeless, i don’t know whats up with the Colors its never like my Actual game.

i watch other professional streamers and i’m just blown away with the vivid colors and i been wondering what did i do wrong to not get that captured on my stream?

you can check one of my VOD’s as an example over here

but i’m trying to aim for something that looks like Trumps for example or any other professional streamer you can compare our videos and you will see how big of a difference it is.

even uploading my videos on youtube makes them worse here you go

this is what i use on my OBS
CBR enabled
max bit rate and buffer 2400kb
video 1920*1080
FPS 30
Encoding profile main
x264 CPU preset Very fast

and here is my info for my system

Notebook - ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7
CPU:Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
Memory: 16.00 GB RAM DDR3 1333 MHz
Display:5.6" 16:9 Full HD (1920x1080) LED backlit

i hope someone can tell me the problem i would really appreciated.

Your settings do not seem too dissimilar to mine…

Maybe start again with OBS, maybe you accidentally press something.

what you mean? everything i posted is true i don’t think i did something wrong here

thats what i use this is my settings

Yes, I am saying they are the same as mine and I don’t seem to have the same problems. Sorry :frowning:

One difference is I down scale to 720p.

Do you capture a screen or do you capture the actual game.

I capture the actual game.

Your videos look ok to me if that is your videos that you posted?

yes these are my videos but the colors are not that vivid and alive there is a big difference between mystreem and the other top professional hearthstone streamers just look at there stream and come back to mine how come you don’t see it T.T??

Your VOD looks fine to me. If you want help with streaming I recommend asking the community for advice at http://reddit.com/r/Twitch

u said its fine and fine is not good enough i still don’t know how could i get my colors captured fully like other professional hearthstone streamers i guess u did not see the quality they have check it out and see the big huge difference compared to them mine look lifeless

This is a developer support forum, not a general broadcasting support forum. Please ask http://reddit.com/r/Twitch for help.