What's the simplest way to get streamer's permission?

I need the streamer’s permission to use the prediction API
But he is a lazy person, so I want to use the simplest method possible
Is there a way to only match ‘client_id’ and ‘auth_token’?
I’m sorry that my English is not good :frowning:

I say to the streamer “click this link and then hit accept”

"this link’ is a link to my website/tool, that redirects to Twitch, they hit accept.
They come back with a ?code which is exchanged for an access and refresh token.

Theres nothing simpler than that, as that is how oAuth works.

Not sure what you mean here.

A generated auth token has a client ID attached to it.
And both need to be specified when you call the API.

Thank you for replying
I wonder if the client_id(app regeister), user_access_token, and streamer must all be the same Twitch account?

I’m not sure what you are asking.

If you about who owns what.

No it doesn’t matter who “owns” the clientID the important bit is who authenticates against the client ID

So I own my clientID but I get streamer keys from streamers whom Auth to my clientID.

aha that’s right
thank you so much
I should do like you said
really thank you for your kind reply even though I’m not good at explaining

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