When are we going to get more developer revenue options?

So premium extensions are allowed? I don’t see that possibility here:

I guess then that possibility is outside twitch platform. So I couldn’t set the prize depending on stream charachteristics in a form of fee.
Anyway, is that allowed in Terms?

I really would like to create a product which would require to pay it as a service for the streamer (basically). And it’s almost all or nothing.

Developers may charge the streamer to use parts of an extension.
That payment system would be handled all by you offsite from Twitch.

Hence it’s not on that monetization page as you handle it all outside of the Twitch Eco system

This sounds like gambling/a prize for a viewer?! Sounds a bit skewy. See also Extensions Guidelines & Policies | Twitch Developers sections 4 and 6

That should be permitted. Streamers are allowed to pay for extensions/features of an extension

Nope, I meant, I want the streamer to pay for it. Only the streamer. Lower fees for less viewed broadcaster. Higher fees for broadcaster with much audience.

Since you are allowed to charge streamers access to your extension. Sure thats permitted.