Can a streamer buy an extension product?

Hello everyone,
I am building an extension in which the streamer can buy a bits product, but looking at the API documentation, I don’t find a way to do it.
The documentation states: “Revenue from Bits used in an extension is shared between the broadcaster and the extension developer.”
But of course, if the streamer will buy from me a bits product, I don’t want him to share the revenue with me.
Also, another question related to this, what is meant by shared revenue? 50 - 50? 70 - 30 ?
Any help or guidance is very much appreciated !
Thanks !

A streamer can’t install your extension on their channel, and then use a bits transaction. Users can only perform transactions on other channels.

As for the revenue, it’s fixed at 80/20 to the Broadcaster/Developer.

Thank you very much for your quick reply !
in this case, would it be allowed within the extension to use a third party payment service (say stripe) in order to allow the streamer to buy a service in the extension? or should the streamer get forwarded to some external platform from where he/she can enable and pay for the extra service ?

No, you can’t use a payment processor within your extension, as per the guidelines:

If a streamer has contracted you to develop an extension then you can get paid to do so, but all such transactions have to take place outside of Twitch and can not be done within the extension itself.

Thank you, all clear now :slight_smile:

Also, Bits can’t be used to buy anything. They are not a currency :slight_smile:

indeed, thanks :smile:

This is allowed, as you are charging the streamer.

So streamers can “pay 5 USD a month a get stuff unlocked in the extension for me to use on my channel”

This is not

So you’d normally link such a flow from the configuration panel, offsite to your EBS/other server to handle the payment flows

5.1 Extensions may provide differentiated experiences or functionality to broadcasters, in exchange for compensation from broadcasters. Examples: tiered access to features or purchasable plugins to add functionality.

5.2 refers more to viewers, it’s just missing the explicit term of saying “viewers” and operation inside the extension itself.

Thank you for clarifying this !