Where did your subscription come?

in a nutshell, I believe that currently the only way to subscribe to a channel is from the channel itself. But, if i want to subscribe on a channel from another website, and track it for analytics, could be possible?


The only avaiable ways to subscribe/run the payment flow are all on the Twitch website either on

  • https://twitch.tv/CHANNELNAME/subscribe
  • https://twitch.tv/CHANNELNAME/
  • https://subs.twitch.tv/CHANNELNAME/

Which are all the same to Twitch stat tracking (just different layouts used in different ways)

You think in future could be possible? if i want to promote my streming from my website, and people want to subscribe from my site (obivious still a normal Twitch subs) and i want to know how many people subs from my site, i can’t now, right? I hope in future they will change it :frowning:

Then you need a uservoice for this https://twitch.uservoice.com/

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