Where should I host my nodejs chatbot?

I made my chatbot using nodeJS, but currently, I have to manually start it up on my machine manually before I stream. I want to run it somewhere. I’ve read multiple guides on hosting nodejs applications, but I can’t decide on where to host it. I would like to get some advice if anyone here has a chatbot up and running somewhere.

In case you would suggest to make my own, I don’t have a spare pc or a laptop, so I can’t make one. I don’t plan to buy a raspberry pi too.

It depends entirely on your preference.

There are dedicated platforms to host JUST a node application or you can grab a full VPS - AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean, Azure, Google Cloud to name a few.

Personally, I have multiple VPSes hosted at https://netcup.eu, for which I could also give you a discount / referral code. Those Servers also run a multitude of other applications for me and require knowledge of Linux or a Windows Server License.

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