Where to find Twitch Connect Brand Assets

Hello Twitch-Dev Community,

I’m currently developing a small app, which asks users to give access to their account.

In the Twitch Developer Services Agreement is written, that I should use the ‘Twitch Connect Brand Assets’ when I initiate that process.

I can not find these assets.

I just find custom assets from third party services like this: TwitchAlert

I am a bit confused, what I have to do to fulfil that part of the agreement.

Can I just use a simple text-button to initiate the connection, and if not, can you provide me the necessary brand assets?

Or do I have to design an own image like that from TwitchAlert?

Thanks in advance,
Marvin S.

Twitch Brand assets as well as guidelines on their use can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/p/en-gb/brand/

So for a simple button to connect their account you would just create a simple button, style it with Twitch purple, and add some text on it like ‘Connect with Twitch’ or something along those lines, maybe include the Twitch Glitch or the Twitch logo. It’s up to you what you do, just make sure you follow the brand guidelines.

The really old official you you can nab from here

thats from the long dead github.

But as dist says you can construct your own from the brand guidelines page

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