Which files needed to host for twitch extension build using angular?

I have created one extension using SKYUX(angular) framework and I am able to test it locally.

Now I want to host this extension on twitch CDN and looking for steps to upload folder.

I dont have any viewer.js, viewer_overlay.component.html and other basic files. Inspite of that I have angular generated route path.

Can someone help me how to do hosting for angular based project?

My angular extension i set my paths to #/tabs since I use a tab interface. You don’t need static html files, just whatever the relative path would be to the angular page you are trying to load. Just zip up whatever is in out output folder.

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So did you build(ng build) the angular app and then hosted it? - it will contain all bundled files. Or we need to zip the files present in angular app folder.
I am testing angular app through (ng serve) but when i move to hosted test it doesn’t work…

ng serve doesn’t actually output usuable files. Thats just for development. When you run the build process you should get either a dist folder or a www folder or something like that. You zip up everything in that folder, not the folder itself, and that is what you deploy to Twitch.

Thanks for the info… I have now build the angular app and uploaded the zipped folder but I am getting 404 not found exception for the hosted path.
What needs to be done to resolve this?

You shouldn’t be zipping the folder, just the files inside of it.

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I have zipped the files and uploaded it but like for angular related js(polyfills.js, etc) files it is saying 404 not found in console logs…
It is looking these js files in root url like hostedurl.ext-twitch.tv/polyfills.js path…
Though if I go to hostedurl.ext-twitch.tv/hostedurl/0.0.1/assetnumber then i can see js file.

Your issue is that you’re using absolute paths to those files which is why it’s looking in the root directory, not where your extension files actually are.

To fix this you need to ensure all paths to other files are relative, rather than absolute.

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