Which languages are allowed

Hi my friends,

i wanna start to creaty an own ttv game which will allows user to play game while boring gameplay.
Now my question is

  • which languages are allowed to use?

If possible write me back and maybe not in the highest Shakesbear response, cuz my english isnt so good.

THX for helping

as in programming language or spoken language?

Whatever you damn want.

Logically you’d use the streamers native language, so if the streamer is French you’d use French, if the streamer is German you’d use German/etc.

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The point that i wanna know the programmer language?

I’m not sure what you are asking.

Python, HTML, c, c++, c#, Java, Json, PHP,
I wanna know which language is possible

I Hope Barry Carl will understand?! :joy:

All of them

use whatever language you want to use

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