Which scripting method is best for socketing? (new to socketing ^-^... and other questions)

Hello guys!

I’m currently working on scripting a Twitch bot for my multigaming community which is going fairly well and I’ve managed to get the most important features up and running (i.e links; basic non-socketed commands for users, editors and broadcaster; voting; poll; fun etc)

Here comes the fun part, I’ve scripted all commands through mIRC which I am still hosting locally on my PC - however I’m looking into adding commands with socketing to retrieve data wherever needed. Now I’ve seen that some people use i.e javascript features to their bot, is this mandatory or can I keep using IRC scripts when I start making commands with sockets & would there be any good tutorials out there?

While I’m at it, is it possible to change the current game & status using these? (kinda like Nightbot * fangirls Night * You’re my favorite bot scripter, really :smile: )

My programming skills are reasonable, but I’m definitely interesting in learning stuff!


You should look into how sockets function in mIRC. You can check out this tutorial I Google’d, which may be of use: http://forum.swiftirc.net/viewtopic.php?t=4378

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Sweet, I’ll have a look at this thanks :smile:

So it wouldn’t matter in which programming/scripting language I set up the bot if it comes to functionality?

IRC or sockets in general can be implemented in many different languages, so yes, it wouldn’t matter which language you use specifically. The only requirement is the ability to send and receive from a TCP socket.

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