Whisper Bot to warn people about phishing streams [whispering all viewers?]

The “Oldschool Runescape” category of twitch is constantly bombarded with viewbotted (stolen streams) with overlays suggesting that if you click a link in the description of that channel you will get “double xp” or “find out why this popular streamer is quitting” etc.

In order to learn some python(3) I thought this would be a good little project for me:

The code at the moment asks the twitch api for the current top 5 streamers in the OSRS category and then checks if they have less than 50 followers, and if they do…it assumes that account is phishing, it does this check every minute. It then asks the twitch API who is currently following those phishers and then iterates through the followers whispering them one by one with a warning that the stream isn’t legit etc. Once it sends a whisper it adds that person to a list so that it won’t bother them again.

The code is messy and I’m a beginner, I’ve also been bashing this thing with lots of different attempts so I apologise if there are remnants of old attempts in there (unused variables etc), I also don’t have any idea if bbcode/markup will destroy my formatting so, I’m going to post a pastebin link and hope a nice moderator can swap it out and make it look nice in this post? :stuck_out_tongue:

The code: https://pastebin.com/G9HQBtmU

I would like to get the viewer list of the phishers using: http://tmi.twitch.tv/group/user/CHANNEL/chatters but…I couldn’t get it to work and I worry about the rate limiting of whispers if I were to whisper all the viewers that join those phishing streams…as a lot of people join those phishing streams purely to report it, like me.

Just report the stream(s) in question and get them removed/banned from Twitch.

It’s basically impossible for you to whisper everyone as YOU will get blocked as spammer…

There’s around 20 phishing streams an hour, I report them when I can and during uk/eu/us hours the streams usually only last 15 minutes or so but during “off-peak” times they can last hours. There’s been a huge influx of new players since it was released to mobile and they’re really taking advantage of that. 100’s of people are losing their game accs, email accs, banking info to them weekly. If I stop that happening to even 1 person…I’m fine with being blocked as a spammer.

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