Whisper character limit changed in last 4 days?


Was the character limit for whispers changed in the last 4 days? I noticed that about a week ago my bot could whisper a viewer a fairly lengthy message without any problem and now there appears to be a silent limit on the amount of characters the bot can whisper.

I have a log showing it working 4 days ago but last night it didn’t work. I tested my bot with shorter strings and it worked fine. If there is some limit it would be great if the interface returned a message indicating that there is now a limit so that we don’t tear open our projects looking for things.

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Is your bot whitelisted? It could be that you’re hitting a limit if you’ve been sending a lot of messages.

So if I was hitting a limit wouldnt it just reject all whispers? Also wouldnt the whisper service reply saying “error”? I opened a ticket asking for it to be WL and support sent me back to the forum.


I have observed something similar.

In response to !status my bot would send me:

RunState: {JSONBLOBasString}

The RunState: arrives fine, but the JSONBLOB is dropped. And I know the bot itself is whitelisted. (Naturally of course I shouldn’t be pushing JSON over Whisper but hey thats another issue.

So for me, word 1 arrived ok, word 2 didn’t. Word two was 460 characters long…

Something has changed. But then it’s over the top to send long things via whisper really.

Looking into this.

@zerocarbthirty Do you have an example message that is being limited?

Turns out my issue is something weird with my library

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