Whisper Command

Is there a way to use the twitch /w command as a IRC bot? Do I need to connect to a different server to do this?

Yes, you need to connect to group chat server to send\receive whispers.

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I figured out how to connect to a group chat but how do I send whispers?

PRIVMSG #jtv :/w username HeyGuys
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Thanks I managed to get it to work :slight_smile:

I am trying to do something similar… I have a bot that I have managed to connect to the group chat server, it can send whispers fine, but when I try to whisper the bot from another account, it doesn’t seem to be receiving any data. Is there some particular channel I should be connecting to to receive the data from whispers? I’ve also done CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands and tags.

Whispers are sent differently from the twitch servers. They are sent as WHISPER commands insetad of privade messages.

Right, no, it’s not specifically listening for PRIVMSG–it’s trying to receive any data, the same way it receives PRIVMSG, PING, etc. (and it does receive PINGs from the server). But no WHISPER tagged data comes through when I try to whisper to it.

Edit: Think I realized what my issue is:

:tmi.twitch.tv CAP * NAK ::twitch.tv/commands

My capability requests are getting denied. If anyone has tips on how to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

Looks like you might have two colons before “twitch.tv”. There should only be one.

how do i connect to the group server?

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