Whisper Functionality IRC

I cannot fathom why you guys deliberately created a convoluted system for your customers. Please implement a simple solution until you guys get this new system online.

In the meantime, why can’t you guys allow something like, “/msg $chan /w $nick something here”

Afaik, the current whisper system has never been offically released for developers hence there’s no official documentation.
The main area of application is Twitch.tv and it’s working perfectly fine there.

This is pretty much how you send a whisper if you’re connected to the group chat server except with some small changes. Here’s the raw message:

privmsg #channel .w recipient your message here

In this case, #channel can be any valid channel since whispers are channel unrelated

Brildum, a staff member, already explained in a previous topic:

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Ours is not to reason why.
Ours is to do or die.

If you don’t like it, don’t use it.
As developers we can only work within the limitations of the system. So we can only live with it.

They themselves know how convoluted it is.
But the whisper project is part of something more as @night points out with the @Brildum quote

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