Whisper ignore list

it whould be nice to have like an ignore list to prevent special users to whisper to you.
for example i don’t want to ignore a user in chat because i want to see if he is spamming but i don’t want him to be able to spam me with whispering…

the only way i see atm is to follow everyone i want to allow whispering to prevent one single person to do so?

I agree, Also one big issue twitch need to address immediately as in TOP PRIORITY!!!

When I ignore a user, I still get their whisper, and to have them constantly spamming me over and over is really ANNOYING!

Please fix this twitch, very disappointing considering your a big streaming company!

Take a look at my recorded evidence here: (comments, embeds ect DISABLED).




100% agree with Crossfire. This is really annoying!

As a temporary work around, I would recommend disabling the ‘allow strangers to whisper you’ which makes it so you must either

A. Both follow one another
B. You whispered them

“Block whispers from strangers” should be checked

Ignoring a user (NOT banning them in your channel, but the actual ignore feature) should prevent their whispers from reaching you.

We understand this is a subpar solution for mods, and are investigating better solutions for that use case.

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