Whisper not working since 3 days


I’m the developer of ddbot.net, a twitch loyality bot with some special features.

I have a problem with whispers since a few days.

My bot first gets servers by checking servers?cluster=group and then connects without error, But when I send a message, I can’t receive it anymore. Otherwise, if I whisper the bot, he will get it.

Was there a change or is there a problem?

Thanks & Bye

Did you first search the forums?

Please see this thread: Have a chat/whisper bot? Let us know!

You have been detected as a spam bot and treated as such

Yes sure I searched but didnt found anything fitting.

I filled the chat bot form yesterday, but when I check my status I’m not verified yet, yes. But how “do you know” that im banned? I actually even checked my old bot account, same.

Your bot can’t send whispers, thats how you “know” but it is only a “guess” there is no way to check you are banned.

Do you mean my client id is flagged? Cause when I use another account (actually my bot is for public use, so everybody can add their own account), same problem :confused:

I just don’t understand why I have this problem on multiple twitch accounts.

I don’t work for twitch I can’t answer that and even if I did I/we couldn’t disclose that

It’s likely that your whole IP is flagged and/or all users you attempted to send a whisper as. And originated from that IP and associated with any and all clientIDs from your IP

Excuse grammar am mobile

Consider this. You get blocked on one account. So you switch and test on another account.

Which is basically what a spam bot does

So. You look and act like a spam bot. So you completely hose yourself

I just realized, when I log on my bot account in another browser, I can whisper without problems, just my implementation in my bot is not working anymore - any ideas if there were any changes? … it worked since release of the feature (I added it on my first day)

I’m also seeing some weird interaction between my bot and whispers (also Python). I can manually log into the account and whisper just fine. I can also whisper myself programmatically using the bot. But when I whisper the account that I’m intended to whisper, nothing seems to happen. Not even sure what other debugging steps to take here.


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