Whisper Recieving on IRC

I’m working on a bot right now and I want it to be able to receive whispers, except I have no idea how. I’m connecting to their group chat servers (on port 443) on #jtv, I send “CAP REQ:twitch.tv/commands” and from there I can send whispers but none are being received. Is there a simple way to do this that I’m missing? Is it a private message with weird syntax? I know it can be done because people, notably LobosJr, have whisper command functionality with their bots.

Whispers are sent as a WHISPER command, not a PRIVMSG so make sure you are listening for the correct command:

:otherusername!otherusername@otherusername.tmi.twitch.tv WHISPER yourusername :HeyGuys

You can also send a regular message to the group server with the whisper command for format.


/w [name] [text]

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