Whispers doesn't show immediately

I have a C# bot and a problem with whispers. When bot send a whisper, a recipient have to update page in order to see the whisper.
I’m sending $"PRIVMSG {recipient} :/w {recipient} {message}" through StreamWriter of a TcpClient with autoflush mode.
And don’t really know what to change. Has anyone encountered such a problem?

Sounds like a problem with the browser of the user receiving the whisper.

So it’s not your bot at fault.

Well, if I try to use my bot’s whisper commands I can’t get messages right away too. That’s why I think it’s my bot’s problem. It’s just annoying coz I have a quiz in my bot…

Whispers are not particularly reliable for bot/person interactions, generally speaking, though the issue you describe is separate to what most people experience.

Extensions are the way to go.

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