Whispers limit - Not using a bot - Can't send more whispers

Hi all,

I have manually sent 40 whispers to as many streamers in 2 hours about 18 hours ago and now I can’t send more and I can’t even answer to those who replied to me. I wish I had received a warning or an alert! Have I been shadowbanned or is just a temporary block?

Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated.

To streamers?

Inb4 they ALL flagged you for spam…

Chat and whisper limits are documented here.

Going forward, you should generally avoid mass sending whispers like that to any users (and especially streamers). It’s pretty frowned upon.

And what can I do in this case? Do I have to delete the account and re-create it?

That would be ban evasion…

If you have been banned.

If you are trying to contact streamers, most publish a business email for such enquiries

Thank you very much! According to the document the limit in my case (Users, not bots) is:

  • 3 per second, up to 100 per minute
  • 40 accounts per day
  • 160 recipients per day

I sent the same message to 40 different accounts and it took me 2 hours, so I guess the limit of 40 accounts per day should apply and lock me out for 30 minutes. Why am I still locked out after nearly 21 hours? :confused:

I imagine everyone marked you for spam. And everyone thinks you are a spam bot. Further more doesn’t help if the message you sent to all 40 were basically the same.

Whispers are not a good route to contact streamers

Unfortunately most of them don’t have business emails or twitter of links to FB or Discord. I really did not find another way, I may contact them in the public chat but that would be quite unelegant I think.

Ask in chat “hey I wish to contact you privately about a business thing”. A moderator will direct you to the relevant information

If they don’t have a specified method of contact, maybe they don’t want to be contacted randomly? Unsolicited whispers is fast way to put the person off of whatever you’re trying to contact them about, and if you’re mass whispering many streamers that’s a sure fire way to earn yourself a bad reputation.

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Yes I agree, but do you know another way for developers beside whispers to contact streamers who don’t have an email for business, a Twitter account, a FB or VK account or a Discord server? I won’t make that mistake again in the future!


I agree, it’s much more comfortable for streamers to ask for keys viadistribute() or another platform, the problem is that as a solo dev with two jobs it takes a lot of time to verify the legitimacy of the requests, especially if you have no way of verifying that the email is legit if it’s not listed anywhere and you can’t even send the same message to many streamers in order to check if they requested the key without being banned.

Thank you, that is a good point! But they have to be live to read the chat, or can they read it when they go live again? :)))

Probably. You can also try sending streamers/users a message here: https://www.twitch.tv/message/compose
But, be careful about spamming that as well, you’ll probably get flagged.

You should always resort to a business email, you can probably find on their profile.

Thanks for that link, I did not know about that :slight_smile: On YouTube much more content creators list their email on their profile than on Twitch, at least you can verify more easily if the requests for keys are legit.

The limit is 40 per day. The 30-minute lock out only applies to normal chat messages.

Ok :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying that point!

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