Whispers now API only?

So as of today it seems I can’t send whispers via group chat servers anymore, is that gonna stay that way?

It seems in browsers the site makes a POST request to ‘https://im.twitch.tv/v1/messages?on_site’ . I tried that myself and it works with the normal oauth tokens, though does need an extra request to get the user ID as far as i can tell.

Haven’t looked at how the browser used to send whispers in a while so I have no idea if that’s just a temporary glitch with the group chat servers or if that’s gonna stay that way.

Is that now the recommended way to send whispers since it seems receiving them is still done via the group chat connection?

EDIT: nevermind seems that was just a temporary issue and guess the browser always used the API

I having the same issue. I was able to send and recieve whispers last week or so using a random IP from http://tmi.twitch.tv/servers?cluster=group but today it doesn’t matter what IP or port I use, I am unable to send or receive whispers.

UPDATE: PSA: Chat servers are going to migrate to AWS EC2 servers

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