Whispers silently dropped

I am currently writing a bot which should be able to whisper users, but it seems that my whispers get silently dropped, tried it both via helix API (Status 204) and simply manually sending a whisper on Twitch itself, on the latter it gives no error and seems to send it, but on refresh those messages are gone.

I know the documentation states that whispers may get silently dropped, but I was under the impression this would only take effect when that user is sending suspicious content?

We don’t know what can result in silent dropping.

The Whisper black box is a mystery black box there is no documentation on what will for sure be dropped and will not be dropped.

In my opinion, generally having a user whisper someone first and replying to it has the best probablity of not being dropped.

TLDR: you are out of luck here.

Tried whispering the bot first, that message was delivered, but replies back still get dropped.

Calling your own software a mystery black box, now if that isn’t a sign of competence.

TLDR: Thanks for nothing.

I am not Twitch staff, I do not work for Twitch, I’m just another third party developer. (I just help out with moderation on the forums hence the shield badge)

It’s not my software.

If Twitch published how it works then scammers would be able to get around the black box

If you neither work for Twitch nor know how it works, why are you replying with nothing of use in the first place?

You posted on the community developer forums seeking help and advice.

Thus a community member has replied with help and advice.

Sadly, I have provided what information we have, which is there isn’t a solution to your problem.

If you are having issues with whispers not working for your bot, there isn’t really a solution. Other than to not use whispers. Thats the general advice we/the community gives out on the forums/discord/etc

Otherwise no one would reply or you’d get the same answer from someone else, as Twitch won’t tell us how it works for obvious reasons.

You posted seeking an answer to your problem.
You got an answer.
I’m sorry you don’t like the answer.

Giving an answer for the sake of giving an answer, way to go.

Again, thanks for nothing!

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