Whitelisted Whisper bot, but flagged for Spam?

So back in the day I discovered the Whisper dropping/spam preventiong thing.

Which has led to the “whitelisting” system we have today.

Today I see this (attached)

Given my bot is whitelisted, why did it trip the system?
Am I at risk of my whitelisted bot becoming unwhitelisted, if enough people wack “Report Spam” since I already got whitelisted? (Specially I reminder people they can opt out of this whisper alert anyway)

Hey, @BarryCarlyon, I’m going to ask internally about this and see if I can get some clarification.


Hi Barry,

This currently is using a system that is not relying on the whitelist. It’s also working in concert with the other anit-spam measures you are already familiar with.

We are iterating on the spam filter product you see here in a way that will hopefully either intrinsically not catch your bot as spam, or not catch it because it is a whitelist.

You are not at a risk of being unwhitelisted if people report it (for better or worse :wink: )


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