Why are Drops Not Available via API to Devs

As per title, why is this not a available?

There are several usecases for this, for example - what if I wanted to build into a website that feeds off that api showing all active drops for a game (for example a fandom page), or maybe a more sofisticated approach is to have a discord bot that announces new drops that come out for specific games?

I think it’s flawed that this api isn’t available to normal devs - imo it just means developers will need to work with more hackier work arounds to scrape the page instead.

Create a uservoice citing your usercase (and/or upvote an existing one)


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Thanks, i’ve finally got around to creating one now.

I will note that I feel Twitch might deny such a uservoice (it’s something I’ve discussed in the past with staff at in person events), and most of the usecases you describe come back to “the game developer can/should promote these via their own official channels” such as their Twitter, in game news feeds or their own discord news/announcement channels.

Usually down to “farming and RMT” type transactions that could be way too easily automated with an API.

Rust and No Man’s Sky and Tarkov does a good job of this here for example. Since a lot of the “issue” with drops is getting users to link accounts and most of that step is done on the game developers own website(s)

(And don’t get me started on the Drops Enabled tag or the “paticipating channels” link in the user drops UI).

This is why in part I never surfaced my own uservoices for Drops data. But who knows!

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