Why does CLIPS offer GAME ID but not Videos?

Very curious on why CLIPS gives you GAME ID and Videos does not?


Something seems odd or maybe I’m not looking at this correctly.

A video/vod can have more than one game.
A clip is always a single game

A feature request for this is open on the uservoice


Clips have a Game ID because they are associated with the game being played at the point in time that they are created. Videos don’t return games, at least not currently, because a Video can be associated with a range of games throughout the duration of a broadcast, so if they do something similar to what Kraken does it would only return 1 game, which may not even be the main one played for that stream, and if they returned an array it would be a change of schema for both the existing endpoint and compared to what people expect based on Kraken.

If you have need for games to be returned, you should check out the Uservoice https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers and vote for the idea.

Aren’t Highlights = “One Game” ???

I know the USER ID and i set type=Highlight

This in my POV should return a game name at least…

What does VIDEOS return if I do both USER_ID and GAME_ID ?

In theory a highlight can be an entire VOD. So no.

As documented

A game_id + a user_id would returns vods for that game and user, but you don’t get any game data in the JSON response

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