Widgets for Fundraising

We are seeing a great number of your gamers running charity gaming sessions and marathons on our platform at www.justgiving.com. (see example at https://www.justgiving.com/MotorNeuronL33tness). At present most people simply seem to link to their JustGiving page but we’d like to help make it easier for users. And so…

We can see you can mark up your own widget but are there are APIs that allow - say a widget - to be PUT to a given stream page?

Is there a popular widget/embedding service that streamers use for such service? Anyone we should be talking to?

In short I am envisaging a widget that we 'd provide that streamers could easily embed into their page. This widget - if permitted - would relay live data by speaking to the JustGiving API.


The term we use for the content below the video on a channel page is “panels”. Currently there is no public API to update a panel, and panels can only contain static content (text, a single image, and links). Users typically put an image as a panel that links to the fundraising page, so providing a high quality image for them seems to be your only option for now.

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