Will the private message function ( not the whisper chat) be closed?

Hello dear Community & Developers,

have a request to the messaging system.

Is it true that the message system, the private message will be unavailable, this feature will soon disappear?

I received the message, which you can download until June 30, his messages.

I could not find any news, is there a news article about it?

Would be very nice for a response.
Greetings Unitforce.

The messaging system is already in the process of being removed, the ability to send/receive messages has been stopped for a while now. Going to the messages page Twitch will just display:

I’m not sure if there was any big announcement in the way they usually announce things, a lot of people had no clue it was happening until days before, but the messages page did show a notice when you visited this page in the weeks or months leading up to its removal that it was going to happen.

And essentially, long form messaging has been replaced by whispers.

Thank you @BarryCarlyon & @Dist for the quick detailed reply.

Good start to the new week :wink:

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