Won't receive a challenge

Hi. I am new to APIs and such. I have managed to subscribe to the EventSub for follows of the Twitch channel. I get the 202 response. For receiving the challenge and the actual follows, I have a NodeJS server running on my PC. (I am also new to NodeJS). My problem is that I don’t receive the challenge when I use my IP as the callback address. (https://myip). When using ngrok as the callback address and forward everything it works just fine. I opened the 443 port on my router for my PC and tried disabling my firewall, changing the DNS server and restarting the router, but it still won’t work when I use my IP as the callback.

Am I not allowed to use an IP address? Or am I missing something else?

Thanks in advance for any help.

IP address’es, generally can’t have an SSL certificate attached to them

So it sounds like you don’t have a domain name or (real) SSL Certificate attached to your callback.

Addditionally opening a port and port forwarding is a major security risk, especially for streamers and should be avoided.

No. Since IP address’es can’t have a real SSL certificate assigned.

Self signed certs are not acceptable

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Thanks for the fast response!

I don’t want to use this solution as a permanent solution, but rather to further test the remaining part of the interaction (which mostly works now). Will keep that in mind, if I should develop something that will be used by someone.

Then you probably want to be using ngrok for your testing like you already have been.
That is more similar to a “production” solution

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