Working on a multiview, and I think I got IP banned for a minute there

I think I just got IP banned for half an hour or an hour. It affected all browsers on my PC as well as my phone’s Twitch app. Couldn’t log in on anything.

It seemed to clear after I took the time to reboot my wifi and my PC, maybe half an hour or an hour, even though I ended up with the same external IP.

I’m working on a twitch multiview node/react application that opens, at maximum, 12 concurrent twitch viewers. I’m going to reduce that to 8 and also make sure the quality settings are as low as possible for the number shown.

It also calls the get-streams API fairly heavily, one fully paged call a minute while testing, which for WoW means I’m calling like 15 pages of 100 streams each, then doing it again a minute later. The rate limit information returned suggests I’m not even nudging the limit, it says I have 799 points left out of 800 each time.

An hour ago I couldn’t download a very short twitch stream I made to record the thing in action, so I tried logging out and back in, and found that I couldn’t log in at all. Video in question: Twitch Since I was recording my application, including some audio, I did stream and try to publish/download video and audio of other streams, maybe that triggered it?

Anyone know if I’m flying too close to the sun here, risking a permanent ban for myself or for my users? What steps can I take to ensure that I’m staying within not just the letter but also the spirit of Twitch’s rules?

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