Working together with universities to bring lectures to Twitch

Hello Guys,
I am new on this developer board, however recently I had a small Idea that I would like to pitch to twitch and would be happy to assist in the implementation of such, as I do have the necessary contacts to do so.

I noticed that this platform has been branching out and trying to reach more people with their contents (see creative).
I think it would be a good idea to implement lectures on different subjects as stream aswell. Here we could cooperate with different universitys (which mostly record their lectures) and their professors to get lectures on different subjects which can be watched by everyone around the globe who is interested in those subjects or just wants to learn something new.

I do study a mix of Economics and Programming at the time, however from time to time I would enjoy listening to some Philosophy lectures or even art lectures. (And I know that a lot of other people would aswell - OR even listen to their lecture from home… a total dream!)

The good part would be, that it would take almost no effort from the site of the university and even gain popularity for them. This means that cooperations can easily be made.

I would be eager to help on this subject aswell, as I have very good connections to several universites around the world and in different countries (such as Mozambique, Maputo). And have even given lectures myself.

What are your opinions on this topic?

(I mostly post this here, as I don’t know where else to reach out to twitter to pitch such an idea - if you have suggestions reguarding this aswell I would be very happy to hear them)

Hey, @Henrik_Baumann!

I would suggest you post this on That would be the best avenue. I’ll also point some of my colleagues internally to this post just in case they want to reach out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest in this!


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thanks for the suggestion - I just did that :smiley:

Really like that idea.

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