Would a podcast be okay to stream?

I work for a health and fitness podcast company called Barbell Shrugged. I am a video gamer myself, and have been using Twitch for years to find out about new games and watch top players. Recently, I’ve been wondering about bringing the podcast to a popular live streaming site such as Twitch. This way we can have special interactions with our viewers, as well as bring in non-gamers to explore and hopefully start gaming themselves. For the gamers in our massive Twitch community, this would be a nice way to introduce them to a healthier lifestyle (I am not saying all gamers are “out of shape” or “overweight” but we got that stereotype for a reason. Our podcast isn’t for promoting a specific gym or a certain supplement, food, or brand that’ll instantly make you lose weight or become healthier, our podcast has a plethora of world-class information on how to eat, train, and to just be healthy overall. Our goal isn’t to take your money and give you little results, our goal is to make every person in this world healthy, and give people the knowledge to make the right choices to make them feel good about themselves).

I understand if this will be instantly shut down because this is a streaming site for games, but I’d like to be able to talk to anyone who works for Twitch, and see if we can work out an exception that will benefit our viewers and grow our community even further.

You’d probably be better off asking here or mailing support@twitch.tv about that, as these are the developer forums.

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