Would it be possible to get the scheduled list of events being streamed on a channel?

Hi all,

I have been investigating a use-case where it would be possible to get a list of the events/games that will be streamed on a given channel in the future (say 2-3 days or max 20 events). I am wondering if this is the correct api for it

If so, what would be the query params that need to be passed in to get only events that will be live and are not pre-recorded or archived. For the above api, I see that the possible types are
broadcast_type: archive, highlight, upload

If not, is there any other api that can give me the relevant info.

The schedule functionnality is still in beta.
There is no API for it at the moment. You can suggest it here Developers: Top (484 ideas) – Twitch UserVoice

Edit: someone already asked for it, you can upvote it :slight_smile: API to CRUD the new/upcoming schedule – Twitch UserVoice

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