Writing EULA and Privacy Policy

I’m wrapping up the first version of my extension before submitting for review (very excited!) and I’ve never dealt with writing an EULA or privacy policy before. I’m just making this as a hobby/passion and for experience. I don’t have a company. The extension has no commerce, doesn’t require any broadcaster capabilities, and doesn’t request user identity links. The only data I log on my server is the URI and JWT channel IDs of each request for potential debugging purposes.

Does anyone have any helpful links or advice on writing a simple or appropriate EULA and Privacy Policy? In the meantime I’ll put my extension In Review with placeholder pages.


// edit: after further research, I concluded that this topic really needs some advise from experienced individuals.

Yeah, I’m also wondering of how to fill out those two fields. Would be great to know!

Look in your area for a Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Here’s a directory of SBDCs around the US. The SBA is a government organization, so their services are FREE (or otherwise very cheap).

Chances are, at your nearest SBDC, local lawyers will schedule a couple hours each month to consult, one-on-one, with prospective or actual small business owners. Getting advice on the quality of your Privacy Policy and EULA is a perfectly appropriate topic for this consultation.

I’d suggest getting a draft of each document written in advance so you get specific feedback. You can easily find some boilerplate language online. Read both carefully, seek to understand the language and then adapt both to your specific use case. Here’s a little guidance on the themes of both documents:

  • Privacy Policy: In this document disclose what Personal Information you collect and how you will use it from the usage of your Extension.
  • End User License Agreement: In this document specify the way users are allowed and not allowed to use your Extension.

Of course, I’m not a lawyer, so this isn’t legal advice. This is just the path I took for my own Privacy Policy and EULA. I hope you find this useful!

Sorry, I forgot to follow up. Since my extension was tiny and I made it as a hobby project, I submitted links to “placeholder pages” I made on my website: https://cwpat.me/delfruitinfo/privacy and https://cwpat.me/delfruitinfo/eula , which just say “TODO: privacty policy for X twitch extension” and have a link to this forum post. And my extension was approved. (here’s a link to my extension: https://www.twitch.tv/ext/tirqrgy7bg0rz4sgyiciy1x8uu4cwh-0.2.0)

This was right after extensions were released though, so Twitch may have changed their policy on this stuff.