Wrong lease seconds Moderator Change Events

I have 864000 at hub.lease_seconds for each event, which works fine. Except for the moderator change events. These are always registered for much less time:
[hub_lease_seconds] => 6307
[hub_lease_seconds] => 6200

Is this wanted? Why is it not possible to register this event for 10 days?

Webhook topics will always have a lease that is limited to the whichever is the lower of your requested lease seconds, or the expiration of the token.

Since tokens from the Auth Code flow only last about 4 hours, it’s impossible for webhook subscriptions to that topic last longer than that.

Very weird. The User Follows events are always registered the full 10 days (864000 seconds).

Then I will extend the other even by schedule every hour. If there is no other way.

User Follows is a public topic, it doesn’t require any scopes so isn’t limited in the same way as topics that require scopes (such as the Moderator Change Events which needs moderation:read).

The tokens last about 4 hours, so if you renew the token just before it expires you should then resubscribe to that topic with the new token. There’s no need to get a new token every hour.

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