[x-post] The Twitch Configuration Service

Today we’re announcing the Twitch Configuration Service.
Please see the full announcement for more information.

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I assume the developer segments are limited to channels that have the extension installed? Or can we prime the developer segment with data before the extension is installed?

Given theres no webhooks for a install/uninstall (yet maybe)

You can’t even do it at install, unless you have something setup via the config panel to do the do…

So, I don’t think they wanna let you set config to a channel that doesn’t have the extension installed…

That said, a “default” to preinstall at install might be nice.

(Also I need to go see what the release version of config service looks like…)

I guess at least you can force a config step before the first activation thanks to the required segment version that you can set. However since my configuration is actually optional forcing to open the config just to invoke the EBS seems very backward, especially for upgrading users.

Any plan to support twitch.configuration.onChanged callback to be fired on configuration changes ?
For the moment, it’s only on extension load.

Since all changes are done by your code, you could use pubsub to notify yourself.

@freaktechnik I was hoping to spare an EBS setup.

You don’t need an EBS for Pubsub.

Ok, I’ll definitely check this out.
Thanks !

See the RFC:

Live delivery of configuration updates: two defining features of configuration are that it is long-lived and changes infrequently. There is often urgency to propagate changes immediately to currently active clients for both extension frontends and backends. In the initial rollout of the configuration service, updates will require a reload. Backends that require live configuration updates should remain the source of truth of configuration.

Yes, there are plans for that.

Great, i have been looking forward to this for some time.

Quick question on the BotCommander example, I use dev rig to create the extension template into a folder, click Activate on the ‘Front-end Host Command’ and ad some panels to extension views. Broadcaster says ‘No commands configured.’, Configuration says on ‘Loading…’, hitting the hosted webpak dev server it looks like content is served correctly, js included at https://localhost.rig.twitch.tv:8080/config.html
Any ideas?

Edit: Nevermind, I sorted out the main issue where the new examples are missing the ‘remove when pushing to prod’ script tag in config/panel/template.html
<script src=“https://localhost.rig.twitch.tv:3000/twitch-ext.js”></script>
Still having trouble with dev rig’s configuration service though, i will continue to tinker.
I feel like mock triggers used to work (setting theme to light/dark) in the previous rig, and the newest one does not?