Yet another Python API

Hi everyone,
i checked out other python project for the Twitch API and i didn’t find any that seemed nice, clean and well documented.
So out of fun and curiosity i started my own project which i would like to share.

So far i have a quite stable, well documented/tested API. Not all endpoints are supported yet, because i use it mainly for browsing and watching streams, but it is easy to extend. I plan on supporting the chat and other endpoints later too. Check out the usage documentation for a quickstart. It supports Python 2.7, 3.3 and 3.4.

I am also developing a little desktop application, where you can browse streams and play them (so far only with VLC Player via livestreamer). It uses the API and PySide for the GUI. This one is still in a very early stage.

I would be happy for your comments, input or even contribution. Feel free to use it if it helps.
I will work on improving the API, so every critique is welcome (or report issues on github).
A fair warning: The project is new and future versions might break compatibility, so be careful if you are using it in production.


Wonderful! I’m a Python fanatic and have been using Python to collect data for my site for almost a year now. My Twitch statistics are a bit lacking, so hopefully this API will make development easier. I haven’t looked at in depth yet, but looks good so far! Thanks!

Thank you for the comment!
I hope the API will find people who use it or who want to contribute to it.
It still misses quite some api endpoints, but it is easy to implement them.

I created some issues and milestones on github to document progress and give a brief roadmap. I would feel honored if somebody would start contributing to it or creates an issue :D.


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A little update:
I just released 0.4.0. Now with an IRC client.
For now the client is single server/channel only. It’s enough to create a little chat window and send messages. But for the typical twitch bots, it’s not suited (until i write one for multiple servers). The client is thread safe and easy to integrate into a GUI application.

I hope somebody finds it usefull ;).

Edit: 0.5.0 now supports the IRC v3 tags


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