Your setting prevent you from sending this whisper

Hi all, Just need a bit of help. My bot receives a whisper from viewers to get a response of a secret code. I am not sure if I am sending the string incorrectly or if its something else. My bot is not verified as twitch feels that it shouldn’t need to be for what I am trying to achieve.

the string looks like this:
“PRIVMSG #” + self.CHANNEL_NAME + " :/w " + username + " " + message + “\r\n”

the string is encode and send works perfectly fine when simply sending data to chat instead of DM(different string obvs but still)

the error is:
“NOTICE #CHANNEL_NAME :Your settings prevent you from sending this whisper.”

I do have all chat scopes enabled as well as tags, commands and membership

Help would be great as I have custom games tomorrow and I need to send the viewers a key without giving it to our banned viewers.



Don’t make a bot do it.

You’ll have to do it manually.

Whispers are not really intended for this use case hence you are having the issue.

This may be solved by getting the bot verified but the messaging you are sending is gonna trip the spam filters all the time.

dang we have anywhere between 10-30 players and the key needs to be changed every couple of games…thats alot of manual sending. This is kind of a perfect use case for whispers but all the same thats not for this thread…

I was turned down when requesting the bot to be verified any suggestions in how to meet the criteria


Such a thing may work better as a Twitch extension but thats not gonna be ready in time.

Time to rope in some mods to help distribute the code(s)

web form it is then I guess

do twitch extensions allow this sort of behavior?

Yup. A twitch extension is just a website, and it can do ban/sub checks before delivering the code to the user.

And do random rolls to pick viewers are random, etc/so on

Possibilities are endless. You can prototype it off twitch and change it into an extension.

ahhh okay, yeah i was just thinking I could link my bot to my website and let that display the users code if they are not banned…I think this will get me through until I can integrate with twitch properly. Thanks again Barry your a super hero.


most welcome

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