ZNC client capability, refused: twitch.tv/membership

I have been trying to get the userlist to work inside of ZNC (I’m using weechat to connect to ZNC).

I’m using the perform plugin to send

CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership

at connect time.

However, every time disconnect and reconnect using ZNC, it sends the command, and I get

irc: client capability, refused: twitch.tv/membership

I get the same result if I send the command manually, using /quote. I quit all my channels before attempting this, since the instructions say I should send the command before joining any channels.

Any ideas? All of the information I’ve found seems to be from middle of last year, so I may be operating on out-of-date information.

- basepi

ZNC thinks you are requesting that CAP from itself, not Twitch. Personally I use the perform module in ZNC to automatically send the CAPs when ZNC connection to the Twitch server.

@george What are your perform commands? How should I format the command properly for ZNC?

As I mentioned, I am using perform, but obviously don’t quite have the commands right.

/msg *perform Add CAP REQ :twitch.tv/membership twitch.tv/commands

is what I use

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Hmmm, I thought I had that same command in there at one point, but maybe disconnecting and reconnecting wasn’t enough (this time I actually disabled that server and then re-enabled it).

Anyway, I appear to have a user list now! Thanks for your help.

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