Access Tokens Expiration

When i receive my access_token from authentication API point :


Field expires_in returns a value ~ 15000.

I thought (reading old post) that access tokens never expire :

And i don’t clearly read in v5 documentation the behavior about access tokens expiration.

So i have to implement a refresh-token solution in order to make an access token valid beyond the expires_in field or there is others solutions ?

And how this expires_in value is computed ?


Recently they changed the API.

If you have a ClientID created after a certain point, access tokens generated via that client now expire and you need to refresh.

At some point this change will be back ported to everyones ClientID

If this is your Secret, you should revoke it immeditely

Thanks, i took this secret from the example in the documentation :slight_smile:

So let’s go for a refresh-token solution.

Roger that, but best to keep to the “not posting secrets” just in case you forget next time :smiley:

Did you ever come to a solution? I attempted

But Twitch returns:
“The parameter “grant_type” was malformed: value must be one of “authorization_code”, “password””

You necro-ed this thread and 400 - Parameters are messed up again? Refreshing Token I will answer over on the other thread. Please start a new thread rather than necroing

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