Add ircv3 message tags to batched events

It would be super useful for those of us that maintain bots if, when the JOIN/PART batch events are sent, the ircv3 tags were sent with the event message.

Practically though, they would only need to be extended to the JOIN event. This would allow coders to know a user’s chat state for the channel immediately instead of having to wait for the user to send a message.

At a cursory glance the IRCv3 spec doesn’t support this.

Further more after 1000 users are in the channel join/parts do not work at all.

IRCv3 message tags are supported for all server-to-client messages.

As far as the 1000+ users, this is an assumption that most streams/channels have such. I run a bot that cators more to smaller channels(<500 users).

I’m only seen examples of it’s usage with PRIVMSG

Twitch (probably) wouldn’t add them for the same reason that the JOIN/PART only works sub 1000 chatters.

It’s too expensive.

And given that a users status can and will change between messages, it’s not that useful to parse it at JOIN/PART I don’t think.

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