Can you bring "user joined/left channel" endpoint back to the API?

I’m not a developer nor do I know exactly how it works, but the chat bot I use stopped providing that feature since it’s not in the API anymore, and I found it really useful to keep track of viewers joining/leaving channel. Can you guys bring back the “user joined/left channel” endpoint to the API? Thanks for your attention.

There is not an “endpoint” that provides this functionality, per say.

Whomever is developing your chat bot can use stop using TWITCHCLIENT and instead switch to IRCv3 message tags and commands in order to still maintain joins and parts while receiving addition user information.

There are no joins/parts with IRCv3 tags though.

Ah, you’re right. That seems like an unexpected result requesting IRCv3 support then.

Thanks for your input on this guys. I also use Nightbot btw :wink: but the chat bot I mentioned is PhantomBot they’re trying to bring this feature back by other means like greeting messages. I think it would be cool to still have it in the API though unless it’s too much of a bandwidth burden for Twitch to handle. Hope they look at this and consider it.

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