Animation launched via bits, inquiry

Hello my name is “Gorgamorph”

I am a 2D FX animator, with eight years experience in the animation industry and about three years experience streaming on Twitch.

examples of my work can be found @ my twitch channel is @ Twitch (I typically stream on fridays)

It’s been a joy to incorporate animation into my streams. I work with obs classic, which allows me to set up unique .swf animations which allow for transparent background and can be used for a variety of uses. I typically have an animated character on my main screen, and when some one enters the channel, I often switch scenes and play a simple “thumbs up animation.” If someone subscribes I switch to another scene which has a “thank you for subscribing animation with full animated lip sync.”

Which brings us to extensions. I was wondering how difficult it would be to create an extension which would allow my viewers, and not me, to activate animations. Here is my idea:

I want to create three tiers of animations which my viewers can buy using bits. Each tier would increase in cost and duration. For example, for a few bits, it would awesome if one of my viewers could, via the extension launch this type of animation with their name displayed:

A higher tier could be something much more complicated, which also displays thier name but displays an animation similar to the complexity of"

Each tier would also be on a timer, meaning, it can only be repurchased after the timer has run out. Lower tier animations would have smaller timers, while longer tier animations would have longer timers. I would also love to do limited tiers, which might only be available while I stream a specific game.

So my question is, how complicated is this idea? Would it be possible for me alone to code it, or should I seek help?

Any comments or information or links to where I should start would be appreciated.

Thx for reading!



Look, from an engineering point of view, the degree of complexity depends on how much programming you know, can you provide what you know about programming, which technology do you prefer?

another question I had, will the animations be released to everyone from the chat if someone donates or just the person to donate?

Hi Alberico, Thx for the reply, much appreciated.

lets say zero for experience in programming. I once mucked around with url in university and have a very general idea, but yea. Not a ton. This isn’t something I need to immediately learn, so if it’s even just “Go learn X” that may be an option. Right now I’m trying to suss out exactly how difficult an undertaking this idea might be.

As for your second question. The idea is: a viewer could click on the extension in their browser. There they would see three options they could purchase with bits. They would choose which ever option they liked. Their name would then appear for all to see and the animation would be played for every one who is currently viewing the stream. I, the streamer would not see it. But if there is also a notification in chat, I could thank them. It’s a similar idea to what most streamers use with donations .gif/sound alerts, but using bits and allowing for different animations to be played depending on the amount of bits spent.

I understand, there are some ways and things to consider, if you want to do it yourself:

As it was not past the time that the animation remained, let’s suppose it was until someone else donated bits.

Also considering that you will have to read and understand the whole process to integrate software safely and reliably to use bits.

Technologies that I indicate:
frontend (the part where the viewer interacts with the software)
HTML: Markup language, CSS: to apply styles and Javascript to create interactivity

Logical part, (backend service)
as your requirements are:

  • Send message in the chat in different events,
  • Identify who made the donation and save these values to a product model.
  • Provide security in the exchange of bits by experience
  • There is also a need to communicate all viewers at the same time, and in real time new events, this uses the twitch PUBSUB.

Technology that I recommend:
Javacript, NodeJS platform

If there is a real need to save viewers’ data, it would also be necessary to use the database, we can use the same knowledge in Javascript and use the database called MONGODB, which uses javascript notation.

Once you learn how to use this, you can think of integrating your software with the twitch

Note that with javascript you take advantage of much of the knowledge at every stage of your software development, this has its value

Now, another thing you partner with some developer and combine the division of bits, in case we developers already earn 20% in the use of bits, in your case you would only provide the images, which would be more interesting for the whole community would be made available to all channels wishing to use this extension.

Another possibility would be to hire 1 exclusive developer to develop for you, in the logical point of view it is less advantageous, I hope you have not been consufo my answer, I translated everything by google, I hope it helps in some way!

Awesome, thank you very much for the imput AlbericoD, much appreciated. All of that information was very helpful, thank you!

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