API Documentation improvement suggestion

Suggested improvement

  • Adding button to copy link to clipboard on documentation titles
  • Similar to the buttons found in Android’s documentation, HERE

Screen shots

  • The red circle indicates what I would like to be added as an improvement

Why is this important?

  • Documentation can be very confusing and it would be very helpful to have a one click solution to link back to a specific topic of interest
  • Currently I have resorted to manually linking back to the title’s id tag, which is very tedious.
  • an example URL would be: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/authentication/getting-tokens-oauth/#client-credentials-grant-flow


  • Low
  • If the documentation is open source I would like to add this as a contribution

The best place for feature requests is UserVoice, https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers/.

Check there to see if there’s already a suggestion for what you’re interested in, if there is you can vote for it, if not you can create a feature request there!

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Awesome!!! Thank you!

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