[Help] What's the best way to learn this api?

I have been trying to study this api but there is so few examples and I really want to implement this into my website but of anyone could offer to be a contact for help, link me articles and examples, that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

A few working examples with code: http://twitch.apiexampl.es

Could any experienced developers that know the Twitch api pm me or message me because I would really like to have a contact to ask the simple questions about the Twitch API

What types of simple questions?

Questions such as how I set up my redirect URI, I have everything coded but I need someone to help me with the Curl and integrating into my website, I’m new to the whole JavaScript/PHP side of web development but I know HTML/CSS and I am proficient in Java as well so picking up topics won’t be hard, I just like working with someone better than reading articles. @IllusionaryOne

I am happy to help with questions like how to get your Client ID and provide pseudo code, but, I can’t commit to writing out JS/PHP code - I already have a full time development job and help develop a bot on the side :smiley:

Sadly, with Curl, I don’t really use it, in PHP I use HttpGuzzle (which I think can use Curl as the transport mechanism, but that is hidden by the class). If you have general questions, I can try to help out though.

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Thank you so much! I pm’d you some details :smile:

I tried to use the auth.php but it doesn’t work :confused: or at least I can’t seem to get it to work properly

If you end up with any code you’d to me to add to my apiexamples page, I’d gladly accept it. So far it’s only a few bit’s I wrote myself and one submission (auth.php). I don’t know PHP but what I’ve done I’ve learned from seeing other peoples work. I know other people might find it a lot easier to get started with a working product, which is why I put up my examples. I could probably make a git repo but I’m too lazy. :slight_smile:

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