API videos endpoint does not support user_login anymore?


From yesterday to today, the following API call stopped working unexpectedly:

curl -H GET 'https://api.twitch.tv/helix/videos?user_login=someuser&game_id=902050890' -H 'Authorization: Bearer token' -H 'Client-Id: client_id'

Now it will return all videos, and it does not filter the videos by the user_login.

Is this change expected?

Thanks in advance

it never did support a user_login parameter

Helix for the most part (except streams/users) is user ID pretty uniformly so never supported a user_login parameter.

Oh my bad sorry, I thought it was working but I think I am mistaken! Is there a way to filter the videos by user login?

Sure, get the username
Then call get users to convert the username to an ID - Reference | Twitch Developers
Then use the user ID on the get videos endpoint

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Thanks Barry! The videos endpoints however does not accept both game_id and user_id, and the response does not contain the game_id. Is there a way to filter for both game_id and user_id at the same time?


see also


I see, thanks. If I request by game_id, it seems that the pagination is also not working correctly?

The cursor used to get the next page of results. The Pagination object in the response contains the cursor’s value. Read More Specify this parameter only if you specify the user_id query parameter.

The docs also claim that 500 videos can be returned, but that doesn’t seem to be the case?

A category or game ID. The response contains a maximum of 500 videos that show this content.

The docs appear to be incorrect as you can paginate when using a game_id

So you can get up to 500 videos after loading all pages.

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